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Facing east at 4 am, September 13, 2012, as viewed anywhere in the Philippines

There will be a Venus-Moon pairing a few hours before sunrise (3-5 am) on September 13, 2012. This pairing also presents an opportunity to spot Venus even during daytime, that is, while the Sun is up and the sky is still blue. The event requires no telescope and will be visible to the naked eye.

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Venus is now visible as a ‘morning star’, seen as a very bright naked-eye object in the eastern horizon 1 to 2 hours before sunrise from August until early November of 2012. This planet is so bright that even a mobile phone camera should be able to capture it.

This image was captured on August 19, 2012, in Zambales, Philippines, with a DSLR camera-on-a-tripod with a 50 mm lens, set to ‘Auto’ mode.

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