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Noise associated to warm sensor temperatures during long-exposure shots usually has an effect of turning a supposedly black region into noisy and grainy one. In a typical DSLR, thermal noise is further increased since a DSLR’s imaging sensor heats up during exposure, thus, causing its temperature to reach up to 10 deg C above ambient (reaching up to 35 to 40 deg C). By cooling down the sensor, it is possible to eliminate or somehow minimize this thermal noise.

eteny_450D (27)

Filter modified (Baader BCF) and Peltier-cooled Canon 450D

In this project, I will describe how I modified my Canon 450D DSLR to become a dedicated astronomical camera, with all functions intact including the auto-focus capabilities, and thus, may still be used for non-astronomical purposes. Read more.

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I look forward to a great and more productive year ahead, especially that this season’s long vacation finally gave me ample time to upgrade my gear and work on my most ambitious project to date: a Peltier-cooled filter-modified Canon 450D DSLR. I will be posting a detailed article about this camera modification in the days to come.

Have a great year ahead!


My first prototype of a thermo-electric cooling system (or the Peltier module). I intend to use this module to cool down the sensor of my filter-modified DSLR to minimize noise. So far I was able to lower the temperature to 12 deg C, from an ambient of 33.2 deg C. This is still a work-in-progress.

To learn more about my ongoing astro-projects, click here.


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