PAGASA’s 45-cm Telescope

That’s me beside the PAGASA’s 45-cm telescope, taken during the Member’s Lecture of the UP Astronomical Society

PAGASA’s 45-cm telescope, the Philippines’ largest. Equipped with superior optics and Goto capabilities, this scope is by far, the largest, most powerful, and most sophisticated astro equipment I have seen and used. Special thanks to Nico Mendoza for this wonderful opportunity!


2 thoughts on “PAGASA’s 45-cm Telescope

  1. Thanks for featuring PAGASA’s
    45-cm telescope! I’m proud to have been instrumental in its acquisition and installation.

    • Dear Dr. Soriano,
      I am most honored to receive a note from the former Chief of the Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Space Sciences Bureau of PAGASA and an active member of the International Astronomical Union! The acquisition of this telescope now housed at the PAGASA Astronomical Observatory has opened new opportunities for local astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts to further explore and observe the night sky, which would not have been possible without your support and dedication to astronomy, particularly in the Philippines :)

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