ISS | March 2012

Image of the International Space Station (ISS) as it passes 450 km above Manila at 4:59:01 am, March 15, 2012. The main body and the solar panels of the satellite are visible in this photo. 4-in f/9 refractor, Canon 450D, ISO 1600, 1/100 sec exposure.

Night Sky in Focus
Astronomy and Amateur Radio
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

9 thoughts on “ISS | March 2012

    • Thanks Devashish!

      I hope in the future I could post here some instructions for a DIY telescope. I encourage you to subscribe to a YahooGroup called “atm_free”. Just search it over the Internet. Lots of good folks there who are experts in amateur telescope-making :)


  1. Nice work. Just started trying here in the North Las Vegas Nevada USA area. I am using a Celestron C8 from the mid 80’s and a D700 Nikon.

    • Hi TOMT,

      Thanks! This shot was taken by manually pointing the telescope at the ISS with the help of the finderscope’s cross-hair.

  2. Hello,
    I just saw ISS myself an hour ago,and kept on looking for more photos of it.
    Then,I stumbled upon this!AMAZING!!!

    I am on the other part of the world,and this will probably have no value for you to hear,but


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