As part of the UP Astronomical Society’s 2012 Members’ Lecture Series, we hunted some DSO’s on April 20, 2012, at the PAGASA Astronomical Observatory in UP Diliman, Quezon City.

DSO Lecture UP Astrosoc

DSO-hunting with UP Astrosoc

We have successfully viewed the following objects in a severely light-polluted sky using only a 4-inch telescope!

M4 globular cluster, M6 (Butterfly Cluster) open cluster, M7 (Ptolemy’s Cluster) open cluster, M8 Lagoon Nebula (diffuse nebula), M20 Trifid Nebula (diffuse nebula), M21 open cluster, M13 (Hercules Cluster) globular cluster, M92 globular cluster, M57 (Ring Nebula) planetary nebula, M27 (Dumbell Nebula) planetary nebula, Albireo double star, Mizar double star, Cor Caroli double star, Coathanger asterism, and the Milky Way!

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