Perseus, Taurus, and Auriga, October 13, 2012

Perseus (left), Taurus (right), and Auriga (bottom), October 13, 2012 taken using a Canon 450D DSLR with an 18-55 mm lens set at 18 mm, f/3.5, ISO 1600, 2 X 15 sec exposure (non-tracking), Cavite, Philippines. The brightest object near the center of the field is the planet Jupiter. M45 Pleiades star cluster (top) is also visible in this photo. For more images of constellations, click here.

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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)



2 thoughts on “Perseus, Taurus, and Auriga, October 13, 2012

  1. Hi Eteny

    We are also amateur astronomy observers and thruly enthusiastic and lovers of astrophotography and amateur telescope making as you are. We live in Guadalajara, Mexico and we are committed on the sharing of knowledge of this science. Is it possible to get direct access to your blog? How can we subscribe to it so we can have your photos and news first hand to share them with our colegues? Can we have some sort of communication between you and our society? You can visit our page at and in facebook “Sociedad Astronomica de Guadalajara”

    Thanks for your answer!!
    Gloria Cortes

    • Hi Gloria,

      I’d be happy to be of help in any way I can :) You may subscribe directly to this site by following the instructions provided in this link. By subscribing to this site, most recent posts will be delivered directly to your email. You may also place a ‘live bookmark’ (a bookmark that updates automatically) by subscribing to this site’s RSS feed. Clear skies! By the way, great website you have there (I used Google Translate) :)


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