Here is my most recent prototype of a Peltier-cooled Canon 450D DSLR intended for astro-imaging. The intention was to incorporate improvement into each version. In this particular prototype, the camera is housed in a smaller plastic case, making it more compact, lighter, and more sturdy.


Modified Canon 450D DSLR for astro-imaging (August 2014) mounted on a Sky-Watcher 100ED refractor. View test shot here.

A custom-fabricated aluminum lens mount is used to allow the modified camera to accept standard Canon lenses and T-adapters. A Baader UV-IR filter is used to optimize sensitivity to H-alpha wavelengths, which also serves as the sealed chamber’s optical window. During operation, sensor temperature drops to 30 degrees C below ambient. To avoid dew from condensing on the optical window, coils of fine nichrome wire were used.

Dimensions: 16 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm case with 7.5 cm x 7 cm x 6 cm heat sink protruding on one side
Weight: approximately 1250 grams
Temperature: up to 30 deg C below ambient
Power supply: 12V 12A for the Peltier module, 8.4V 1.5A for the camera

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