DIY Phone Camera-To-Telescope Adapter

phone to telescope adapter
DIY phone camera-to-telescope adapter built from scrap wood, rubber bands, screws, and a hose clamp.

Just finished building this cheap mobile phone camera-to-telescope adapter. It’s a very simple solution for those who usually take images of the moon and planets using a mobile phone camera and a telescope. The adapter allows any mobile phone camera to be mounted directly onto any telescope. It only takes an hour to build, requires simple tools, and costs just less than a dollar ($1)! This adapter will also work with other optical instrument such as binoculars and microscopes.

Being able to take astro images using only a phone camera and a telescope setup could inspire an astro-enthusiast to pursue astrophotography. If you feel you are now ready to try out a more complicated imaging setup (instead of using phones cameras, you’ll be imaging using digital cameras), try to building your own version of a Universal Camera Adapter :) This setup will most likely yield better photos and will enable you to take advantage of digital cameras’ zoom (optical) capability, which is useful for up-close shots of the moon craters and planets.

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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

16 thoughts on “DIY Phone Camera-To-Telescope Adapter

  1. hi po sir, ask ko po sana kung nagbebenta po kayo nitong adapter? or kung saan po kaya ako makakabili ng ganito? i’m astro fan po kc, i have celestron 80mm po and i’m having a hard time taking pics of the moon, etc., tsaka ung comet lovejoy po nakita ko po sya kaso hirap ko din kuhaan ng picture.. :(

  2. Very clever idea. Thank you for this now I build my own adopter with cheaper and easy to find material. Keep it up sir!

  3. Can you please share any picture taken with the mobile phone. I have tried every possible method (Like zooming in/out, with and w/out barlow etc) to take the image via my Samsung Galaxy S3, but it dont catch any image, just blank image. The view of Jupiter which is quite bright via 10mm eyepiece and barlow is very clear and sharp but when I try to catch it with mobile, not working :(
    What are the tips to take image via mobile ?

    • Try practicing at daytime, using targets like trees and distant towers. Once you’ve learned how to do it, try capturing the moon. Capturing planets using mobile phone is actually very difficult. Here’s an example of an image taken with a mobile phone.

  4. Hope you are doing well :)
    I have used Prime focus method by attaching cannon 1200d using T-RING.
    Now I want to do eyepiece projection method (as I have been told by few that using EP method I can take more closeup videos/pics by adding eyepieces or Barlows in the adapter). Is that true ? What equipment will I be requiring to achieve it? I used 1.25″ eyepieces with 2x barlow most of the time.

    • Simply get a pair of binoculars and let your mobile phone ‘see’ through the binoculars by placing the mobile phone’s camera directly on any of the eyepieces of the binoculars (the part where you put your eyes) :) It should work with any digital camera or mobile phone camera. Of course, you can always use tape to keep it in place, or build a frame similar to the one above. Good luck!

  5. Hello.
    I think it’s a great idea. Soon I’ll be trying to take some pics with this tool although I think it could be improved using a selfie stick shutter to avoid motion, but I have a question: ¿do you recommend to use the mobile’s auto focus or should I try to focus manually?
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Anthony,
    pretty good idea – thanks! I ask myself if today quality of smartphone cameras is the best solution for astronomy photographers. There are other articles how to modify a webcam into a astro camera. What would you recommend in 2019 webcam modification or Smartphone adapter?
    Kind regards

    • I have not tried any of the new cameras today, but I suspect just about any camera with low-light capability should work well (like the cameras in Sony smart phones).

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