Big Dipper and Mayon Volcano

I have always wondered how big Mayon volcano would be when framed against the night sky, as viewed from an easily accessible location such as Legazpi City. The photo below shows the apparent altitude (or its height measured in degrees) of Mayon, with the Big Dipper asterism framed in the background to provide a sense of scale.

Mayon Volcano framed against the Big Dipper, taken on March 27, 2016 at around 3:48 am. As viewed from Legazpi, Albay, Mayon has an apparent altitude of only about 11.5 degrees (for comparison with Polaris, click here).

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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines

3 thoughts on “Big Dipper and Mayon Volcano

  1. Hi Eteny

    I’m Jean Louis from France. 47°north 0.07 E (150km from Paris)

    It’s a great and amazing for me to first say how great is Your site, and how is much good for a beginner like me

    In Astro Photo, to discuss with you.

    I have a Telescope OMEGON 203/1000 with a EQ500 mount

    I would like to motorized the mount and if possible auto guiding the system

    But there is so many systems that I don’t know which one to used….. and I ask to Omegon engineer to help me

    And the answer from them is not clear at all…..!? They says that the EQ 500 manufacturer is stopped the auto guiding system without any reasons Etc..

    And they recommend me to buy a Proteus 120MCI camera, with an ST4 port, but I have no motors at all on my actual mount EQ500 (ready for the GOTO) but they nothing have…for Goto with this!

    After that, I already buy a camera, but I have no module finder or something to fixed it on the scope

    (I know that I have to buy one 150mm/50 focus length is enough)

    So I was Bored…

    And one day I landing on Your Amazing site!!! So, after study all things and your good explanations and the DIY ….I may decide to do by myself.

    I am electronic engineer and I have a workshop with machines tools lathe and milling machines so I can do many things, and also an Electronic workshop with laboratory ESD, Etc…

    My idea is to use the original system for EQ500 I give you the link here (,33357)

    And after I would like to modify this system with an Arduino controller I think it is possible ??

    But my question is: Is the Arduino controller can drive two motors? Or I need to buy 2 Arduino set ??

    And about the ST4 Port of the camera, Where the hell I can connected it ?? (I’m sure You laugh…..?)

    Hahaha I’m beginner You can see…..!

    But really nobody say about this camera Proteus 120 MCI with ST4 port where to connect it and there is no manual with the camera (,44975)

    May be I can connected it to the buttons as you explain..?

    Omegon say that it is the same camera as Zwo ASI 120 mm but I don’t think so….!

    That why I’m lost, I Explain to You……

    I work since long time ago on Industrial machines Tools (Mazak, Mori DMG) Etc, for servicing.

    All the actual systems are like this. (for machinery)

    We have an NC Controller (with HMI) that send signal to a servo, that send signal to a motor, and for the feedback signal at the end of the motor shaft we have an Encoder, that’s send at his turn the position, or (and) speed signal to the NC controller.

    That’s is called Loop control system. For axis for example or spindle, or others

    I think it is the same things with the Telescope we need a loop system also ? No ?For good accuracy.

    Did the camera, since the ST4 port send a signal to the PC with software? or direct to the mount if available, but where is the loop for auto guiding ??

    And can I used my camera Proteus (compare) as a coder ?? and where can I connect his ST4 signals ??

    You can see I have many questions that all astronomic people ask without clear answer….

    Your help will welcome if you can

    I thank you in advance

    And I send You my very bests regards

    Your faithfully,


    Jean-Louis Lebourgeois

    MTSL Sarl

    Ingénierie Maintenance Machines Outils

    Electronic and Mecanic Repair Shop

    ZA La Montagne 72330 CERANS

    Tel 0243878511 Fax 0243872879

    • Hi Jean-Louis,

      I am happy you find this site useful :)

      I believe I may be able to help you. I need to know what sorts of equipment you already have:

      1. What telescope are you using?
      2. What camera do you intend to use as an imaging camera (DSLR perhaps?)? Do you have a means to physically attach it to a telescope?
      3. I understand you already have a mount and planning to upgrade it to a ‘tracking mount’ by purchasing a set of motors with a corresponding controller?
      4. Do you have a smaller telescope that can serve as the guide scope?
      5. Do you have a webcam that we can use temporarily as a guide camera (once your setup is working, you can always upgrade to a better camera)? Do you have a means to attach the camera physically to a telescope? This webcam will look at the sky and serve as the feedback mechanism (it will adjust the motors speed if it detects, based on the image of the stars, if your tracking is off–note that even the best mounts have a feedback mechanism of this kind).
      6. Any other equipment you have that might be useful?

      I’d be happy to give recommendations on how to setup your own autoguider system.

      Lastly, can we continue with our discussion on this page? Thanks


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