Image-Processing with IRIS

3. Importing Images into IRIS

To import PIC, FIT, FTS, JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG image format, click FILES > SELECT FILES then drag and drop your images in the window. Be sure to select the appropriate format. In this example, I selected JPG and then dropped the JPG files into the window. IRIS will then convert the JPG images into another image format (FIT, as selected in Step 2). You need to define a generic name for the series of images IRIS will create. For simplicity, I just enter i (stands for “images”, but you may use a different name) in the Generic Name tab. Since we are importing five JPG images, IRIS will create one FIT file for each and save i1.FIT, i2.FIT, i3.FIT, i4.FIT, and i5.FIT into the Working Directory (as configured in Step 2) as soon as you click Create the Sequence. Click Done once IRIS is done creating the sequence.

Go to the Working Path (Folder) to verify that new files have been created. Visit the working directory as necessary. In this example, five images in FIT format have been created in the Working Directory, corresponding to the five JPG images that have been imported.

IRIS automatically loads the first image in the sequence. The OUTPUT window shows status information. Use the THRESHOLD sliders to adjust the way the image is displayed on the screen. Adjusting the sliders do not affect the image, it only changes the way the image is displayed.

To import CR2 files from DSLR, configure IRIS’s camera settings using the camera icon indicated below. Select the camera, in this example, Canon 50D, and then select Linear as the RAW interpolation method.

Decode CR2 files using the Decode RAW Files toolbar by selecting Digital Photo > Decode RAW Files. Drag and drop the files into the window, assign a sequence name, i, in this example, and then select CFA. Go to the Working Path (Folder) to verify that new files have been created.

To import AVI files, head to Step 8, Importing AVI Recording of Planets into IRIS.

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