Image-Processing with IRIS

8. Importing AVI Recording of Planets into IRIS

IRIS may be used to process video recording of planets. Import video files using the AVI Conversion toolbar by selecting File > AVI Conversion then selecting the AVI file of the planet. Select Color as the Exported Image Type, then assign a name to the individual image sequences that will be created by IRIS. Separate image sequences are created for each channel, thus, each channel must be registered and stacked separately. For simplicity, I just put r for the red channel, g for green, and b for blue.

Click Convert to start the conversion. A dialog box will appear to confirm conversion. Select Yes. It may take a while to convert a video recording into a series of RGB images.

IRIS will indicate the number of images created for each channel. In this example, a total of 1160 total images were created for each R, G, and B channel.

Verify that new image sequences were created for R, G, and B channels in the IRIS Working Path. Explore the folder and you should see then new sequence created. Take note of the total number of images (1160) as you will need this value later on when typing the command to register and stack the image sequence.

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