DIY 40-Meter Antenna

I’ve built a simple HF (40-meter band) wire antenna with some scrap wires, a length of RG8 cable, PVC pipe as insulator, and some way of securing and making it waterproof. This antenna is intended for receiving (RX only) so I could listen to local voice and Morse code net calls using a Software-Defined Radio (SDR).

Homebrewed 40-meter band wire antenna

The antenna is a dipole with 10 meters of conductor on each side. One conductor is soldered directly to the coax’s outer conductor (braid), while the other conductor is soldered to the coax’s center conductor. I did not use a balun for this antenna, but you may try to use one. Each end of the conductors terminate with a PVC insulator. If you plan on transmitting with a wire antenna, you will need to adjust the length of each conductor for best SWR. I will be using this antenna with an HF radio to send and receive signals in the 40-meter band (7.000 to 7.200 MHz).

To watch a video about this DIY 40-meter antenna, click here.

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