Satellite QSL Card from DX1O (AMSAT Philippines)

During the DIWATA 2’s (PO-101) testing phase, a special call sign was heard on the satellite: DX1O of AMSAT Philippines. Shortly after a successful QSO with DX1O, I have received the special e-QSL card below:

The operator is my mentor Jharwin Barrozo, DV2JHA, arguably the finest satellite operator in the Philippines.

Later I found out that I was one of the first few stations to make a successful contact via DIWATA2 and was given an award for it. Thank you DIWATA2 Team and AMSAT Philipines!

For more posts about QSL cards I’ve received from fellow hams, click here.

Interested in a paper QSL-card exchange? Catch me on one of the satellites, then send me an email:

To learn how to access satellite repeaters, head directly to Satellite Communications.

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Astronomy and Amateur Radio
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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