DIY Tripod and Crate

I’ve built a wooden tripod for my Vixen 80 mm f/11 telescope on an altitude-azimuth mount. The tripod legs were built using 2 inch by 1 inch wood, with length that approximates the length of the optical tube assembly (1 meter). I’ve also built a crate that will hold the telescope and tripod as one unit, for easy transport and storage.

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© Anthony Urbano | Manila, Philippines

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2 thoughts on “DIY Tripod and Crate”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Nice job with your wooden tripod.

    It could be used for the MK1 satellite tracking rotator project.

    What did you use to connect legs on the top?


    Ted VE7VIB


    1. Thanks! There’s a triangular metal assembly built into the altitude-azimuth mount :)

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