MGSC attends AMSAT Webinar

Sixty girl scouts, troop leaders, teachers, and amateur radio enthusiasts attend a webinar on amateur radio satellite operation co-presented by Manila Girl Scout Council Amateur Radio Club (MGSC ARC) and AMSAT Philippines, Inc. on May 29, 2021 via Zoom Cloud Meetings app. Licensed amateur radio satellite operators Anthony Urbano DU1AU and John Kyl Cortez DW9ILX explained how to use satellites to communicate long distances (Philippines to nearby countries) using only a low-cost handheld radio transceiver and an inexpensive home-brewed antenna. Other topics related to receiving real-time satellite images, talking with astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), equipment and licensing requirements, and relevant information on setting up a satellite ground station were discussed during the webinar.

To get a copy of the presentation, click here.

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UPRI-NOAH Talk on Amateur Radio Satellite

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