DIY Dual-Band VHF-UHF Dipole

I have built a DIY dipole antenna for VHF (2 meter) and UHF (70 cm ) bands. I used 1/4 in diameter copper tube elements. The VHF driven element is center-fed while the UHF element is coupled (placed in close proximity but not connected to the coaxial cable) with the VHF driven element. A 5 meter RG8 coaxial cable feedline is used, with no balun. The feed point is housed in a weatherproof plastic enclosure, with one side of the VHF dipole connects to the coaxial cable’s center conductor and the other side connected to the outer conductor.

DIY VHF-UHF antenna

In this particular antenna, the VHF element has a total length of 984 mm (split in the center, to form two 1/4 wavelength element with 492 mm on each side) and the UHF element is 325 mm (1/2 wavelength element, not split in the middle). Adjust the lengths of the VHF and UHF elements for lowest SWR on the desired operating frequency.

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