Carina Nebula | 565 mm

Eta Carinae Nebula (Carina Nebula) imaged with a 4 in refractor at 565 mm focal length, an ASI 533MC cooled astronomy camera, dual band H-alpha and O-III filter, with an ASI 174MM guide camera. This target is particularly difficult to image since it is very low in my local horizon, only about 15 degrees elevation. It is relatively bright and easy to find due to the presence of nearby bright stars. Due to its low elevation, however, this target needs very clear skies.

Eta Carinae (Carina Nebula), 1 hour exposure

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Night Sky in Focus 
© Anthony Urbano | Bacoor, Philippines

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One thought on “Carina Nebula | 565 mm”

  1. I don’t often see northern hemisphere astro-photographers choosing the Eta Carina Nebula.

    15º altitude can be difficult. That is the same maximum altitude that M31 reaches here in Sydney. Not only is it low but the window of opportunity is shorter than most other objects.


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