DIY Satellite Radio Wins Go-Kit Contest

My portable satellite radio setup won 1st place (VHF-UHF category) in this year’s go-kit (portable equipment) contest as part of the 87th anniversary of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association. It is essentially a satellite phone with collapsible antenna which allows communication with anyone, anywhere in the Philippines and neighboring countries such as Japan, Malaysia, China, Korea, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even Australia, using only a transmit power of 5W.

The go-kit was built in April 2019 to help the STAMINA4SPACE test our country’s first amateur radio satellite DIWATA2.

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Sta Rosa Council participates in Satellite JOTA

The Sta Rosa Council in Laguna participates in the first-ever satellite contacts between Philippine scouts as part of the 2019 Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) held on October 19, 2019 in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Contact is achieved by beaming a radio signal on to a passing satellite and using it as a relay to reach distant stations like Malaysia and Japan. A total of 19 scouts from various schools in Laguna participated in the event.

Special thanks to the following stations who made contact with DX1DAC: DU4PGS (Catanduanes), DV2JB (Pangasinan), 9W6ZUL (Malaysia), 4G1AGI (Cabuyao, Laguna), 9M4SJQM (Malaysia), 4G1DWE (Manila), and JR6DI (Japan).

Direct Amateur Communications (DX1DAC) and AMSAT Philippines (DX1O) served as the host radio clubs for the satellite JOTA event. JOTA is the largest world-wide annual scouting event which promotes communication among scouts through the use of amateur radio equipment.

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