Image-Processing with IRIS

Registering and stacking result in clearer and sharper astrophotos. Read through the following article which outlines and describes my workflow in processing images with IRIS. This is a work-in-progress, please revisit this page as I add new topics soon.

Single frame vs stacked

Installation and Usage
1. Downloading and Installing IRIS in your Computer
2. Setting Up the Working Path
3. Importing Images into IRIS
4. Using the Command Line Interface

Stacking Still Photos (for DSOs, the Moon, and the Sun)
5. Aligning the Images
6. Stacking the Images
7. Saving and Exporting the Stacked Image

Stacking Recorded Videos (for Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus)
8. Importing AVI Recording of Planets into IRIS
9. Aligning and Stacking the RGB Channels
10. Combining the RGB Channels
11. Removing Sky Gradient Artifact
12. Wavelets Adjustment
13. Identifying the Contours of a Planetary Image
14. Register and Stack Images by Identifying a Planet’s Outline

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