Lyrids Observation with the Philippine Astronomical Society

A bit hazy in Montalban, Rizal but the Milky Way still pierces through. I only saw 7 meteors  in a span of 4 hours… Not a very spectacular Lyrids this year, but the dark sky and the fairly steady seeing (I saw Saturn’s bands for the first time through my telescope!) was more than what I have expected. Read more.

Lyrids observation and stargazing session in Montalban, Rizal with the members of the Philippine Astronomical Society on April 22, 2012. More than 50 astro-enthusiasts attended the observation (Photo Credit: Margie Parinas)

Lyrid Meteor Shower on Saturday (April 21, 2012)!

If you have not seen a falling star in your life, then you should join the Lyrids Public Observation of the University of the Philippines Astronomical Society :) Expect to see around 15 meteors per hour; that’s 1 meteor every 4 minutes, quite decent in terms of meteor shower standards. This event is FREE of charge and open to everyone.

This Public Observation is FREE of charge and open to everyone. For inquiries, feel free to leave a comment below.