Category: Narrow-Band Filter

Wide-field image of the Veil Nebula taken with a 50 mm kit lens equipped with an OIII filter using a Canon 450D DSLR, 2 x 180 sec exp, IS0 1600, Kenko NES mount. April 15, 2012. Photo Credit: Anthony Urbano



A 30-minute exposure with an OIII filter shows the fine thread-like structure of the Veil Nebula, a supernova remnant in the constellation Cygnus. The narrow-band filter helps cut through the severe light pollution in the city. Sky-Watcher 100 ED 4 in f/9 refractor, Kenko NES mount, Canon 450D DSLR, 4 x 480 sec exp, IS0 1600. April 15, 2012. Photo Credit: Anthony Urbano. For more images of nebula, click here.

I am heading to the province tonight for some DSO hunting: diffused and planetary nebula! Hope it will be as productive as last December’s deep-sky hunt. It will be a long 8-hour trip.

With an OIII narrow-band filter which is particularly useful in improving contrast in diffused and planetary nebula, I might actually have a chance to finally have a glimpse of the elusive Veil nebula :)

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