New RF Connectors for FT60

Following the successful signal reception and decoding of the International Space Station’s (ISS) Slow Scan Television (SSTV) images, I am now eager to build a dedicated hi-gain directional antenna for satellite hunting! The first step is getting the signal to and from the radio using proper connectors.

Yaesu FT60 connectors
RG58 coaxial cable >>> PL-259 (plug) >>> SO-239 (socket) to BNC (male) converter >>> BNC (female) to SMA (male) converter >>> SMA (female) connector of Yaesu FT60. For an expanded view, click here.

With these new set of connectors, I can now connect the FT60 to a DIY antenna which I will be building soon!

Note: The configuration can be further simplified using a SO-239 (socket) to SMA (male) converter, but not applicable for my setup as I needed the BNC interface for my other antennas :)

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