Astronomy Projects

Astronomy need not be expensive! Even the modest do-it-yourself (DIY) equipment will produce outputs comparable (and I must say, in certain instances, better) to commercially available counterparts. With access to the right tools, it is possible to create working prototypes from scratch!

Building prototypes from scratch

Feel free to browse through some of my DIY astronomy projects!

Ultra-Portable Tracker Setup
tracker_eteny (1)

DIY Stepper Controller using Arduino
arduino stepper

Canon 450D DSLR Modification (Baader BCF and Peltier Cooling)eteny_450D (27)

Canon 1100D DSLR Modification

Canon 1000D (Rebel XS) DSLR Modification (Baader BCF)
Canon 1000D Rebel XS DSLR Modification (11)

DIY Phone Camera-To-Telescope Adapter
phone camera to telescope adapter

Logitech 4000/3000 SC1 Modification (Serial Port)
DIY Guide Camera (Logitech 4000 SC 1 modification) (2)

Logitech 4000/3000 SC1 Modification (Parallel Port)

DIY Autoguider: Home-Built Autoguider Project

DIY Cable Release

DIY Dew Heater

DIY Field Battery

Improved Field Battery

Autoguider Project

DIY Serial-to-Parallel Port Adapter

How to Construct a Filter Cell

Timing Astronomical Events Using CHDK
Canon S3IS point-and-shoot camera modified for astrophotography

Improvised Clock Drive Project

Reviving a 22-year-old Kenko NES tracking mount
KenkoNES (1)

Universal Camera Adapter
EtenyAdapter3 (2)

The Minerva-Phoenix Telescope

Push-To Telescope


Solar Shades

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4 thoughts on “Astronomy Projects

    • Hi Niranjan,
      Pins 2345 default as input. It is a good programming practice to declare pin modes explicitly (which will also make your sketch easier to understand), so ill be adding a few lines in my sketch :) Thanks!

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