Push-To Telescope

I bought an Android device (Xperia 10 Mini Pro) because I wanted to try Google Sky. By attaching phone to a telescope by means of DIY mounting mechanism shown above, objects may be located through Push To, a system of locating objects similar to Go To.  I also use this phone as a GPS device, a compass, and a handy starmap :)
Android phone mounted on a telescope

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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

6 thoughts on “Push-To Telescope

  1. Eteny
    Hello, am interested in the Experia and google sky,how close will this get you to your object you want to observe? Thanks Henry

    • Hi Henry,

      The setup is accurate enough in locating the moon and the bright planets (500 mm focal length, 40 mm eyepiece), but I have not tested it with more challenging targets. I only use it as a backup finder to allow me to point to an object even under overcast skies (e.g., during eclipses).

  2. Where is the DIY Tutorial? :|.. I really want this now lol. But instead of drilling I plan on using 2 way sticky substance or other (removable without damaging the tube i.e bondo) material. Where would you recommend mounting this system? I was thinking closer to the eyepiece or spotter so you have an idea of what you’re looking at in real time. I also use Starry Night so in conjunction with StarEye and Google Sky I can just about locate any star or planet in real time.

    • I guess this one is a fairly easy project. For as long as the smart phone is securely attached anywhere in the optical tube, it should work :) I opted to attach the phone at the bottom, so that it would be facing in the same direction the telescope is pointing. I find it easier to navigate that way. More info may be found here.

      Good luck with your project!

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