Sky-Watcher Equinox 100 ED-APO

The Sky-Watcher Equinox 100 ED serves as my main telescope, both for visual use and for astrophotography. I purchased this scope from a local telescope dealer in an OTA-only package (no mount and tripod).

My imaging setup acquired in 2011.
The telescope comes with a wooden aluminum-lined carrying case (the material used is some sort of laminated wood with a layer of aluminum on the outside to give it a metal-looking look and feel).
Sky-Watcher Equinox 100 ED-APO
The telescope is supplied with two eyepieces: 25 mm (left) and 5 mm (right). At F=900 mm, the 25 mm and the 5 mm provide magnifications of 36x and 180x, respectively.
Supplied eyepieces are also multi-coated
Supplied also is a 90-degree 2-inch diagonal mirror, which is a standard accessory in any refractor. A diagonal allows comfortable viewing especially when the refractor puts the observer in an awkward position (e.g., when telescope is pointed to the zenith).  This accessory may also be needed to achieve focus, but not an issue in this telescope.
The telescope comes with an 8 x 50 finder scope, one of the best I’ve used to date. With this finder scope (with optics comparable to a typical pair of binoculars, I can easily scan the sky and locate faint targets).
For comparison, this 8 x 50 finder scope is just slightly larger than a typical 7 x 50 binoculars.
The Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) features a 4-in f/9 extra-low dispersion (ED) apochromatic (APO) lens design, which makes it highly suitable not only for visual observation but also for astrophotography.
The OTA is a 4-inch (100 mm) f/9 system
The high-transmission coatings of the objective lens is visible as a green tint in this image.
It features a 2-inch/1-inch dual-speed Crayford focuser, great for making minute adjustments in focus. The outer knob is the coarse adjustment knob, while the one at the center is the fine adjustment knob. A thumbscrew underneath locks the draw tube once focus is achieved.
An Allen-type screw at the bottom (left of thumbscrew) allows adjustment on how much tension is applied to the drawtube. You may need to tighten it a little to accommodate heavy loads like DSLRs.
Notice that the draw tube has graduations on it for ease of focusing. Also, for ease of framing, a ring (silver, right) attached to the main body tube allows the whole focuser assembly to rotate 360 degrees.
The tube also has a retractable dew shield with an aluminum cap.  Shown below is the OTA with the draw tube and the dew shield fully-extended.
The mounting rings/saddle and the supplied dovetail allow easy mounting of the OTA to any telescope mount.
The Sky-Watcher Equinox

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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

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