Star Roman Star Projector

I have recently come across what I would describe as the best low-cost (around 4 dollars) pinhole star projector that I have seen to date—a Kenko Star Roman star projector.

Star Roman Planetarium (7)
The Kenko Star Roman star projector
Star Roman Planetarium (3)
Its design is similar to any typical pinhole star projector: a base (left) that holds the light source and the batteries, an acetate (right) with constellation patterns, and a transparent protective cover (top).
Star Roman Planetarium (6)
Light source of the star projector

The projector was originally fitted with an incandescent bulb. Since an incandescent bulb does not usually perform well as a light source for pinhole projectors (since it uses a filament that is not exactly round and ‘point source’), I have decided to replace the bulb with an LED, in particular, one with a very small light-emitting material. If you use a typical LED with a large light-emitting material, it will perform no better than an incandescent bulb. It may take some experimentation to find an LED that will work well, but in this DIY project, I have found a suitable replacement from an Eveready flashlight.

The smaller and brighter the light source is, the sharper and brighter the projected images of the stars (perhaps a laser diode will perform much better than a flashlight LED, but that will be for another DIY project).

Shown below is the acetate with printed star patterns. Labels of constellations are written in Japanese.

Star Roman Planetarium (4).jpg
The projector’s acetate with constellation patterns.
Star Roman Planetarium (5)
When you hold the acetate against a white wall, you can actually see the transparent portion (the star patterns).

This projector only shows the stars of the Northern Hemisphere.

Star Roman Projector
Two size D batteries power the projector
Star Roman Planetarium (2)
Some usage suggestions printed on the side of its box.
Star Roman Planetarium (1)
Constellations projected on the walls and ceiling of a room using a Kenko Star Roman star projector. It works in the same principle as a DIY flashlight star projector. For a larger image, click here.

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