Stepper Motor Controller

A prototype of a stepper motor driver for a wide variety of precise motion control applications. Below are some projects that use this DIY module.

Astro-modification projects where I used this module:

Improvised Clock Drive Project

Stepper Motor Controller with Autoguider

Kenko NES tracking mount

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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

2 thoughts on “Stepper Motor Controller

  1. Hi, I checked out your stepper motor controller and am wondering what suggestions you might have for a board that will control a single RoboFocus stepper motor. I have an extra one that I am considering using as a camera rotator motor. The board needs to be scriptable (batch or script) so it can be addressed by CCDAutopilot automation software.

    BTW, I like your website and admire all the projects you have undertaken.



    • Perhaps you can use an Arduino board? I have come across a project before that implements the same function, complete with schematics and scripts. I have not tried building one though :)

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