Go-Box for Satellite Communications

I’ve built a go-box for field satellite work. This is essentially a bunch of radio equipment placed in a box for easy transport and storage.

While this go-box is designed for satellite work, its radios can also be used for emergency communication on VHF and UHF bands.

Inside this box:

50-watt UHF-VHF full duplex radio (you only need 5 watts to work with satellites)
5-watt full duplex transceiver with charger
50-watt UHF-VHF RF linear amplifier with signal booster
8-15V 30-ampere switching power supply
12V 8AH lead-acid battery
audio recorder
headset and microphone
notebook and pencil
SWR meter with patch cable
USB charger with cable
magnetic compass

I’ve been using this go-box kit since March 2019, and really serves me well in the field!

Ease of access to the back side of the radio is an important consideration in building go-boxes

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4I1AWN (Anthony Urbano)

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