Lyrids Observation with the Philippine Astronomical Society

A bit hazy in Montalban, Rizal but the Milky Way still pierces through. I only saw 7 meteors  in a span of 4 hours… Not a very spectacular Lyrids this year, but the dark sky and the fairly steady seeing (I saw Saturn’s bands for the first time through my telescope!) was more than what I have expected :)

Lyrids observation and stargazing session in Montalban, Rizal with the members of the Philippine Astronomical Society on April 22, 2012. More than 50 astro-enthusiasts attended the observation (Photo Credit: Margie Parinas)

We were photographing the skies (the Milky Way in particular), and at the same time hoping to see some meteors :)

A piggy-back setup, in which the DSLR is clamped securely on top of a tracking telescope. This setup allows longer exposures without trailing.
Shown here is an image of the whole  setup.

I was able to capture long exposure shots of various regions of the sky, but upon reviewing my images, no meteors have registered. Shown below is a section of the Milky Way imaged with the piggy-back setup described above. Too many stars and deep-sky stuff!! This is my best Milky Way photo to date :)

Milky Way taken under the dark skies of Montalban, Rizal. Canon450D, 50 mm at f2.8, ISO400, 150 sec exposure (single frame). Photo Credit: Anthony Urbano

Astronomical observations are geared towards sharing astronomy with the general public.  It is free and is open to everyone! Take a look at our previous observations. You may join scheduled observations, or you may even request one for your school! Send me a note at nightskyinfocus<at>gmail<dot>com.

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© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)


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