Venus-Jupiter Conjunction (January 2019)

venus - jupiter pair january 19, 2019
Venus-Jupiter pair (conjuction) in the morning sky, visible from the Philippines and in most parts of the world (image taken on January 16, 2019, from Bacoor, Cavite). For more photos of celestial groupings, click here.

The Venus-Jupiter pair (or what astronomers refer to as conjunction) can now be seen in the early morning sky. The two planets, in reality, are separated by vast distances. It just so happened that currently, the two planets are found in the same general direction, creating the illusion that they are close to each other. The separation will be smallest on January 23, 2019 (best viewed from 4 am to 6 am). Another notable event occurs on January 31, when the moon joins the two planets to form a celestial triangle.

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