IR-modified Canon PowerShot S3IS

The modification involves physically removing the “hot plate”, a kind of filter that blocks infrared light. Manufacturers install it in cameras in order to correct for the reddish hue inherent to CCD or CMOS sensors. Removing such filter makes the camera more sensitive to IR and as well as H-alpha wavelengths, which is particularly useful in deep-sky photography.

Canon S3IS point-and-shoot camera modified for astrophotography (afocal imaging)

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Autoguider Setup

Results of the initial tests on guiding capabilities of my home-brewed autoguider setup seems to be promising. I can’t wait to have it tested in the field. :)

Main scope: Sky-Watcher Equinox 100 ED

Guide scope: Meade DS 60

Main camera: Canon S3 IS

Guide camera: Logitech 4000

Mount: Kenko NES

Controller: Eteny Tracker 3

Guiding Software: Guide Dog

Computer: IBM T42