Follow our Pet Rooster on Instagram

In April 2018, we’ve rescued a chick that was abandoned by his parents. We raised him as our pet, and now he’s one year old! We’ve created an Instagram account for our pet rooster Chocobo. Follow him on his adventures at:


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Night Sky in Focus
Astronomy and Amateur Radio (and Roosters, too!)
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Super Moon March 2019

Supermoon with Chocobo
Observing the super moon with our pet rooster

We’ve observed last night’s super moon using a 4-inch f/9 telescope. While it is true that the moon will be closer to Earth during a super moon, the difference in size and brightness compared to a non-super moon is so small and so subtle that it will be very difficult to detect such an almost negligible difference, even for amateur astronomers who regularly observe the moon, and use astronomical equipment such as a telescope.

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