Astrophoto Exhibit at MCGS

Miriam College Grade School (MCGS) successfully held its first Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Week (STEM Week) on February 18-22, 2013, with the theme “Full-STEM Ahead!”.  The STEM Week aims to expose and encourage students to take up STEM-related courses.

Miriam College Grade School (MCGS) celebrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Week 2013 (STEM 2013). Photo Credit: Jennifer Garcia

As a former faculty member of MCGS (Grade 5, Science), I’m honored to be given the privilege to contribute to this annual event by displaying some of my astrophotos in an astronomy exhibit. Special thanks to Ms. Reyett Paunan, the Subject Area Supervisor (Science), and Ms. Jennifer Garcia, Grade 4 Level Coordinator, of Miriam College Grade School (MCGS).

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