This astrophoto gallery features images taken under the dark Philippine sky. I intend to add descriptions on how each image was taken, the equipment used, and when and where to observe such events. To quickly find what you are searching for, kindly use the ‘search box’ on the upper right hand corner of the page.

Equipment (April 2016)
 Telescope: 100 mm (4 in), f/9 (900 mm) Sky-Watcher Equinox ED refractor (2011)
 Mount: Kenko NES EQ4 equatorial mount with RA tracking and autoguiding (2010)
 Main Imaging Camera: Canon 1100D DSLR with 18-55 mm lens (2014)
 Guide Camera: modified Logitech 4000 web camera (2010)
 Guide Scope: 70 mm  (2.7 in), f/5.7 (400 mm) Celestron TS70 refractor (2015)
 Guiding Interface: GPUSB Shoestring Astronomy (2011)
 Other Cameras: Philips SPC900NC webcam (2012), modified Canon 450D DSLR (2010)
 Filters: Baader 2 in UV-IR filter (2011), Baader Solar Filter ND 5.0 and 3.0 (2010) 
 Other Equipment (Visual Observation): Sky-Watcher LET 5 mm and 25 mm eyepieces (2010)
                                       Celestron Omni 40 mm eyepiece (2010)
                                       Celestron Omni 2X Barlow lens (2011)
                                       Baader 2 in OIII narrow-band filter (2011)
                                       Sky-Watcher 8×50 finderscope (2010)
                                       Pentax SP 10×50 WP binoculars (2016)

Clear skies to everyone and I hope you enjoy my humble collection of astro-images!

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