DIY Pier Extension

I have built a DIY pier extension to allow my DIY go-to telescope to move without hitting the tripod legs. It consists of three 12-inch L-bars (which I later shortened to 7.5 inches, after measuring the minimum clearance required) that lift the tripod head. I repurposed a tripod head from an old tripod to serve as the base where the L-bars and the tripod legs connect to. The pier extension allows unattended imaging without the risk of damage to the mount or telescope.

DIY Pier Extension

To watch a video of the telescope performing a successful meridian flip without hitting the tripod legs, click here.

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Night Sky in Focus 
© Anthony Urbano | Bacoor, Philippines

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2 thoughts on “DIY Pier Extension”

    1. Thank you! This is my first go-to telescope and I just learned how important piers are in preventing collisions. From 12 inches of extension, I shortened it to about 7.5 inches, which still provides enough clearance for all my telescopes :)

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