Venus Transit June 2012

A transit of Venus occurs when the Sun, Venus, and the Earth are in perfect alignment with each other. As viewed from the Earth, Venus appears as a black dot moving across the disc of the Sun.

Planet Venus transiting the Sun

Night Sky in Focus
Astronomy and Amateur Radio
© Anthony Urbano (Manila, Philippines)

7 thoughts on “Venus Transit June 2012

  1. Getting to see more sunspots as the sky gets clearer! My western view window is showing dark clouds but full sunlight. Pray it holds up til 1pm.

  2. Thank you for the posts journaling this rekindling. I live here in California and was not able to attend.
    I found you by Bing search. There were a few WordPress blogs, but I selected you because I feel also a rekindling to the PI. Especially Quezon City…. And you have good information on your blog.
    Mabuhay !

  3. I wasn’t able to talk with you guys about this but it looks like the computations are off by a little ano? Hope to see some discussion on this. I guess the astro YGroup won’t see much traffic but maybe on the FB page?

    • Hi slf, There are only 4 setups there with the capabilities to verify the accuracy of the computations, and all of them have NOT released any results yet. It is still too early to tell. As of the moment, we are still collating all the data. We’ll advise you of our results if it is indeed, off. Thanks!

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